En-Suite Bedroom Design Inspired by the Garden of Eden

Vuelta a Empezar is an en-suite bedroom design by architecture firm Egue y Seta for Futurcret, part of the Casa Decor 2010 which was held in Barcelona, Spain.

The 516 square feet (48 square meters) suite is based on the idea of the Garden of Eden, where biting the apple will open the gates of paradise.

A furnished garden tempts with glass transparencies, natural wood lattices, and palm fronds—a hedonistic paradise beckoning every day as a sin not to embrace anew!

The entire space is assembled with a sense of the dramatic, transporting us to an exotic location where time stands still.

Every corner exudes primitive luxury; dark mottled walls create a backdrop for a jungle scene of plants and vines behind the bed, adorned with sensuous fabrics like velvet and fur.

Fixtures of reclaimed wood and floors of stone contrast with the transparency of the enclosed waterfall shower, a unique space adorned with semi-tropical plants and ferns.

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