18 Of The Most Amazing Edible Kitchen Garden Ideas You’ll Love

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Incorporating an edible kitchen garden onto your property is a wonderful way to have  farm-to-table convenience and grow your favorite foods.

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The fresh fruits and vegetables will not only be delicious but add texture and color to your garden.

You just need to find the perfect spot on your property to grow a garden, with plenty of sunshine. If you wish to have year-round crops, consider a greenhouse.

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Farmhouse Style Garden


This farm produces over fifty varieties of vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers; most of which are rare and hard to source locally.

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Urban Food Forest


A Classic Portland bungalow was transformed into an urban food forest. These raised natural cedar beds are filled with a mix of edible plants.

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Raised Planters With Corrugated Metal


These raised containers are filled with vegetables and herbs, conveniently located in the backyard just off the dining patio.

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Large Galvanized Troughs


Gravel surrounds the troughs for pathways, while several mature oak trees and a stunning golden locust tree transform this outdoor space into a welcoming retreat.

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Fenced Garden


The fencing helps to prevent animals from eating your crops and an attractive design can add visual interest to your property.

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