Designing Luxurious Living Spaces on a Budget

Many modern homes and apartments are designed and laid out almost exactly like the neighbor on either side.

Giving your living space a personalized and luxurious appeal is often a daunting and expensive undertaking.

Fortunately, a space that looks and feels luxurious without breaking the bank can be easily attained; you just have to shop in the right places and know when and what to do yourself.

Painting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to spruce up any room, though deciding on a color can be tough.

Get to Painting

Crown molding is a great way to give any space an elegant touch; the wider the trim, the fancier the area will look.

Add Crown Molding to Corners

High-end looking, well-constructed pieces can be found at affordable prices at flea markets and secondhand stores.

Buy Refurbished/Renovated Vintage Furniture

Elevate your living spaces by keeping your bedding and upholstery clean and organized for a luxurious look, feel, and scent.

Keep Fresh, Clean Bedding and Upholstery

Matching pillows and blankets are must-have accessories for any sofa, loveseat or lounge chair.

Don’t Forget the Throw Pillows and Blankets

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