This Designer’s Cabin Is A Cozy Refuge With Puget Sound Views

This 1970s cabin underwent a major overhaul by Heidi Caillier Design, situated on Anderson Island, the southernmost island in Puget Sound, Washington.

Boasting an exceptional location and scenic views, this compact cabin and converted garage, affectionately known as “The Snug,” underwent a remarkable conversion into a welcoming haven for family getaways.

See how a moody color palette, along with the imaginative incorporation of vintage elements, infuses both warmth and character into this amazing eclectic home tour.

Large windows frame scenic views of Puget Sound.

This cozy built-in banquette, features wall art that is a map of the Puget Sound, a nod to the region.

For the kitchen makeover, the designer selected wide panels that imitate the style of the original paneling found throughout the rest of the house — bringing a feeling unity to this cozy cabin.

The hunter green hue in this bedroom is in keeping with the dark and moody vibe throughout the rest of the interiors.

Repurposing an aged chest into a bathroom vanity not only adds a touch of affordability but also infuses warmth into the midst of all the cool surfaces.

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