Cozy Mountain Cabin Gets Magical Transformation in The Aran Valley, SpainĀ 

In 40 years this cabin had not been renovated. It was very old, with all the partitions and wood that was very dark. Yet the structure, windows, location and the wood made the homeowner fall in love.

This cozy mountain cabin was transformed from a house without charm and turned it into a magical refuge. A cabin where nature and wood invade everything.

The heavy use of wood makes this retreat feel warm and inviting, an idyllic refuge during the chilly winter months.

Three birch logs are used as structural supports next to the staircase, a nod to the surrounding beauty of nature.

From any corner, you can see the rest of the house, for example, from the bedroom in the attic you can take a look and see the kitchen.

The woods that covered the house were dark and very unattractive. The homeowner had two requests for the project team: that nature enter the house and that they recover the wood.

Located next to the living room, the compact kitchen feels open and spacious thanks to its layout. Wooden planks cover the front of the island, in keeping with the aesthetics.

In the bedroom, varnish layers were removed to leave the original woods as matte as possible. This was the most expensive part of the reform, both in time and in economic investment.

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