Tour This Countryside Colonial House In Utah With Stylish Living Spaces 

This countryside colonial-style house was designed by Tiek Design Group in collaboration with Caitlin Creer Interiors, located in Draper, Utah.

Created for family living, this dwelling was built for an active family of eight. It sits in a modern neighborhood and has plenty of space for the six kids to play.

The dwelling was designed to cature the essense of the historical and pastual spirit of the homeowner’s childhood home in the English countryside.

Though it isn’t a traditional English home, it has classic details like moldings, brass fixtures and cabinets, giving it a timeless look.

Inside, this residence is very comfortable and luxurious, with durable furnishings and fabrics that can stand up to the wear and tear of kids. It’s a perfect mix of practical and posh.

The lighting, area rugs, and furnishings throughout this dwelling were all sourced from Foundation Goods. 

This countryside colonial house provides an active family with living spaces that are functional and durable yet very stylish.

From the gorgeous curb appeal to the beautiful landscaping and fabulous outdoor swimming pool, there is so much to love about this home. 

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