A cottage-style house inspired by nature with scenic views of Lake Sunapee

Situated along the shores of idyllic Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire, rests a recently constructed cottage-style house crafted by Bonin Architects.

Offering breathtaking vistas that span across the glistening water to the majestic mountains beyond, this home is a testament to beauty and serenity.

With Home Glow Design as an integral part of the project from its architectural inception, the homeowners were guided through every step of the journey.

Determined to create their ideal abode, the family embarked on a new journey, opting to construct a magnificent Forever Home from scratch.

The outcome is a stunning residence that harmoniously blends vintage elements with a transitional style foundation, complemented by delightful modern accents that add a touch of playfulness.

The creation of this exquisite cottage-style lake house represents a family’s unwavering dedication to turning their cherished dreams into a tangible reality.

With thoughtfully curated details and design selections, this forever home stands as a testament to the owner’s vision, offering a space that seamlessly combines elegance, nostalgia, and contemporary flair. 

It serves as a sanctuary where past memories intertwine with present aspirations, creating a haven that will be treasured for generations to come.

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