35+ Amazing Conservatory Greenhouse Ideas For Indoor-Outdoor Bliss 

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If you are wishing to add a conservatory to your home, consider also including a greenhouse component to bring in nature and really make your space feel inviting.

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Your space should feel magical, from the lush greens and comfortable furnishings that invite you to relax and stay awhile. You may also wish to add string lights for ambiance.

When it’s pouring rain or snowing and frigid outside, you will be indoors enjoying your plants and curled up with a blanket. Here is a collection of ideas to help you get inspired!

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A greenhouse in Sweden offers the perfect sanctuary. “When my friend Micael explained that a greenhouse changed his life, I thought he was a bit overly exaggerated.


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A garden conservatory is much-loved family gathering spot in the home of London designer Rose Uniacke. The family uses this luminous space to enjoy activities such as reading, lounging, dining, and entertaining.


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A glass greenhouse bedroom is nestled waterfront on a remote Finnish island.


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A garden room with a spa and greenhouse was created to enjoy year-round. The greenhouse is kept at a steady 50 degrees Fahrenheit all winter.


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A swimming pool with a slide can be used year-round thanks to its greenhouse pool cover.  “The Crescent” boasts several unique features including a beautiful hip roof design.


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