See This Spectacular Coastal Modern Residence In West Vancouver

This coastal modern residence was designed by Michel Laflamme Architect together with NelsonDesign, located in Horseshoe Bay, a seaside village in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The homeowners desired a home that embraces and honors the presence of two rock outcrops while nurturing an enduring sense of family unity and togetherness.

The fundamental concept driving the design is the seamless integration with the surrounding site and a keen understanding of its unique conditions.

Expansive, unimpeded openings, clerestory windows, and a light interior color scheme provide an ideal solution to counter the soft and restrained light that is prevalent in the Pacific Northwest.

Similarly, the generous overhangs punctuated with skylights help to shelter the immediate exterior space of the great room, allowing filtered sunlight to permeate through.

With its extensive use of glass walls and its stunning natural surroundings, this coastal modern residence offers an exceptional indoor-outdoor living experience.

The project team did a fabulous job of creating a home that exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, accentuated by the deliberate choice of minimal furnishings.

The design effortlessly directs attention to the beautiful exterior surroundings of the home.

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