A Fabulous Texas Hill Country Home With A Cantilevered Pool And Deck 

Constructed for a retired professional golfer, this rusted steel-clad dwelling harmonizes with its surroundings of brush and rocks, allowing the structure to balance dual impressions of strength and lightness.

The talented design team has created an architectural masterpiece, with expansive walls of glazing, cantilevered decks, and a swimming pool that would be refreshing day or night with that magnificent view.

Overall, we are loving the design of this dwelling, especially the rolling window complete with the architect’s signature crank wheel.

A hand-operated wheel allows the wall to partially lower and become a guardrail, with exposed counterweights that celebrate the engineering of this feature kinetic element.

Throughout this space, wood floors and ceilings are complemented by blackened steel accents, fostering a warm and comfortable interior.

An adjacent, cantilevering wing houses a powder room and study, as well as a custom staircase made of bent and hemmed steel with perforated panels.

The hallway and owner’s suite just beyond frame wide views and link to a narrow steel catwalk that extends over the ravine, providing a unique experience of the landscape.

This environment easily transitions outside to a generous deck with a pool and hot tub. A thick panel of clear acrylic at the far end of the pool creates additional views from the water.

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