A California beach house blends coastal charm with vintage details

KAS Architect and Rita Chan Interiors collaborated to reimagine a laid-back beach house nestled in the Faria Beach Colony of Ventura County, California.

Upon entering this welcoming abode, one discovers interiors brimming with a delightful ambiance.

Crafted to reflect the owner’s personal taste and style, this residence effortlessly transitions from sandy toes on the Pacific shores to cozy evenings witnessing breathtaking sunsets in the living room.

This California beach house was completely transformed into a warm and cozy habitat filled with earthy and beachy materials and accessories.

This dreamy kitchen features vintage doors that turned into a functioning kitchen cupboard. The backsplash tiles were sourced from Clé Tile.

These plaster countertops are surprisingly durable and provide a soft, organic feeling to this kitchen.

Take a step forward and you would able to see that this mirror actually reflects the beautiful blue of the Pacific Ocean across the way. In this shot, you can view the handpicked driftwood bannister.

This beach-chic bedroom features breathable linens, handmade pillows, natural fiber rugs, and a touch of vintage to make it feel cozy and collected.

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