A Bright And Airy Lakeside Retreat With Picturesque Views Of Lake Winnipesaukee 

This luminous contemporary family retreat was designed by Whitten Architects, nestled along Lake Winnipesaukee, in the foothills of the White Mountains, New Hampshire.

Lake Winnipesaukee is New Hampshire’s largest lake, covering over 70 square miles and dotted with more than 350 islands. 

The homeowners are a young and active family of four based in Boston. They were in search of a lakefront summer home that could serve as a seasonal retreat from the city.

A circa 60’s ranch that had  long-since reached its lifespan on the guest house/boat house lot and a poorly sited and configured circa 90’s house on the main house lot.

Neither of these existing homes was in tune with their surroundings, missing the opportunity to connect to the views, the sun, and the outdoor spaces.

The architect’s site-specific design focused on defining a tangible, sensory, and cohesive bond between the two lots, drawing a throughline from the outside, in.

The homeowners dreamed of a place where they could regularly entertain visiting friends and family from around the world, offering a home away from home that was warm and welcoming.

The architect’s solution was to design a series of interconnected and open spaces — a dining room, lakeside terrace, family room, west-facing courtyard, living room, and a recreation room.

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