15 Incredible Ideas To Adorn Your Home With Thanksgiving Decor

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Keep your decor fresh and inviting throughout the holiday season with our fantastic collection of Thanksgiving decor ideas.

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Take a look and let us know which one of these ideas most inspires you!

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Thanksgiving Tree

This idea is fantastic! When Thanksgiving is over, just remove all of the pumpkins and leave the rest of the items on the tree for Christmas.


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Thanksgiving Table Decor

The brown velvet pumpkins, green metal pumpkins, and sunflowers inspired the design for the Thanksgiving Tree.


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Decorate Your Staircase With Twigs

Tie together bundles of bare tree and winterberry branches to your staircase spindles to create an autumnal aesthetic.


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Spiced Orange Pomander Balls

All you need is some fresh citrus and some cloves. Add them in a decorative bowl with some pinecones and some fresh pine branches.


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Rustic Thanksgiving Table

Mix rustic with elegance by adding natural elements to your tablescape. A jute table runner is layered with wood slices and pumpkins.


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