65 Wonderfully Cozy Reading Nooks for Book Lovers

Designing a reading nook in your home can be the perfect way to transform an awkward or unused space into a wonderfully cozy reading nook to curl up in.

If you are seeking some inspiration we have found some inviting reading nooks in varying styles.

We even have examples of reading corners which were improvised on the windowsill.

In the evening, your reading nook needs to have warm and inviting light, as well as the option for a brighter light source.

Curtains add privacy to your reading nook. Don’t forget to add some decorative touches that will make the space special to you. 

The unused space beneath the stairs is the ideal spot to create a cozy reading area.

Even if you don’t have a designated reading nook, you can create one by  adding a chair, side table, and an ottoman to any corner in your house.

An awkward corner space on the porch has been turned into a comfortable spot to read a book by installing a built-in daybed.

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