52 Incredibly Fabulous Breakfast Nook Design Ideas

Large or small, incorporating a light-filled breakfast nook into your  home is an incredibly perfect way to make the most of extra space in or  adjacent to your kitchen.

Designing this nook space next to a window is a great way to begin your day with plenty of sunshine.

Have a look here for breakfast nook design ideas, see how to add a  breakfast nook with storage, and how to tuck one just about anywhere.

With minimalist details plush cushions, bright hues, and a cool chalkboard, this is the perfect space for kids.

Kid Friendly

This design uses custom millwork and is separated from the rest of the  kitchen, perfect for cozy mornings spent with family and friends.

Booth Style Nook

This cozy booth is perfect smaller space where you need to pack a lot of people around a table.

Restaurant-Style Booth

Notice how this booth has a high back which helps to create a dividing wall between itself and the kitchen.

Banquette Style

This adorable little breakfast nook is tucked into a bay window,  creating a light-filled space, perfect for energizing your morning.

Bay Window Booth

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