50 Very Creative And Inspiring Garden Stone Pathway Ideas

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Make the most of your stone pathway by planting some beautiful flowers, succulents, grasses, or even moss. 

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Play with different sizes of pathways, different shapes of paver stones, or smaller rocks to keep the natural beauty of your garden.

There are a variety of modern design pathways for your home gardens. Check out our garden pathway ideas to inspire you and your garden design.

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The flagstone is called Oklahoma flagstone or can also be called Cameron flagstone. 2-4 inch spacing between the stones. 

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A lush Caribbean garden features steps composed of concrete, poured in a form with crumpled brown bags to create the pattern.

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Cement slabs form a pathway through this Miami tropical garden. The silver grass-like plants are bromeliads, called Alcantarea odorata.

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This Mediterranean landscape in Costa Mesa, California has some fabulous curb appeal. A colorful drought-tolerant landscape adds lush beauty. 

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A contemporary landscape in Indianapolis. The square stones are roccia blue stone tiles at 16″x16″, and are probably around $30/each.

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