50 Beautiful Coastal Chic Bedroom Retreats

A coastal chic bedroom style can be created wherever you live with the help of our collection of inspiring beach bedroom design ideas and tips on how to achieve the look.

Be careful not to go too crazy with the theme and keep your accessories low-key. Muted colors and light fabrics are perfect in coastal style rooms.

Combine stripes, polka dots, and prints with chenilles and cottons for a lighthearted look. Pick a two-tone palette, such as green and blue, and use several shades of each hue.

A piece of salvaged crown molding serves as a shelf and holds a collection of sea coral above an understated metal bed.

Boost character in a beach bedroom with simple board walls. Mix up the look by placing some boards vertically and some horizontally, as though they were installed on a whim.

Every well-stocked guest room should have extra pillows and blankets, books and magazines, bottles of water, and cut flowers. Little touches go a long way to make guests feel welcome.

Enlarge a small space by coating every surface in white. The absence of color opens up areas that have limited natural light, making them feel airier.

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