33 Amazingly Creative Halloween Front Door Decorating Ideas

This is the most important aspect of your festive decorating, as trick-or-treaters that come to your door will be delighted with your creativity.

Adding decor to your front door can be as creative as you like. You can run with more traditional decor selected from retail stores or you can opt for original DIY decor.

Let your imagination begin with the ideas that we have put together for you here!

Make wicked witch legs using items such chicken wire, cardboard, newspaper, glitter spray paint, an old pair of shoes, long spooky socks and scrap wood.

Black crafters tape is applied to some stepping stones to create cobwebs. You can simulate this affect with some gray tiles from Home Depot.

We love this one, a simple DIY with plenty of impact. All you need is a stone, can be a faux stone. If it is real, prop it up with a stone underneath.

Some spooky pillows on the porch swing is the perfect spot to sit and wait for trick-or-treaters.

Use your front yard as a Halloween playground full of spooky details. In the foreground, spiders can be DIY’d with foam balls spray painted black.

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