30+ Invigorating Outdoor Shower Ideas To Escape Into Nature

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Outdoor showers are a seemingly hot trend, where you can adjust the design of your shower to fit with the style of architecture of your home and surroundings. 

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Even if you do not have any of these water activities at your home, you may still wish to have an outdoor shower off your master bathroom just for the invigorating feeling of showering in nature. 

With the addition of a privacy fence you will find yourself wishing to shower in the great outdoors after seeing the inspiring images we have collected for you here.

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A farmhouse outdoor shower in Hudson Valley, New York. The shower fixture is from Sonoma Forge.

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An outdoor patio shower with a pergola for shading and privacy in Austin. The wood used on the doors is Cypress Texas gap siding. 

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The side yard of an urban property features an industrial style shower made from a used culvert pipe spotted on Craigslist.

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This island style outdoor patio shower in Hawaii features Redwood flooring. The dimensions are roughly 6 feet x 5 feet.

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A tropical pavilion home in Cairns, Australia features this long and narrow outdoor enclosure for an outdoor shower. Complete with concrete flooring.

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