28 Spooky Halloween Silhouette Ideas For Decorating Your Windows

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Welcome trick-or-treaters with a spooky Halloween silhouette in your windows, the perfect space to use scary decals to create your own haunted house.

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These silhouettes are a budget-minded way to get into the Halloween spirit while allowing your creative juices to flow.

Check out these Halloween silhouette ideas below to help you get inspired for this festive and spooktacular holiday.

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Add a spooky halloween silhouette to your window with this “Nightmare Before Christmas” window decal.

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Give a ghoulish greeting to guests with this life-size skeleton silhouette placed in your window.

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This is a simple DIY that can add a scary vibe to any window in your home.

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This window display features silhouettes of witches, ghosts, bats and cats. 

Add a large silhouette to your window, especially if you have one in your front door to greet guests.

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