28 Extreme Cozy Fireplace Reading Nooks For Curling Up In

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If you love reading books than this fantastic collection of cozy fireplaces accented by reading nooks will be sure to inspire you for your own home.

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Nothing is more ideal during these cold winter months then curling up next to a fire to enjoy both its warmth and ambiance.

Have a look here for some fantastic ideas to create a cozy reading nook in your home next to your fireplace.

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This cozy living room features a chunky knit rug from Restoration Hardware and a tassel throw blanket from Anthropologie.

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A rustic living room with a stone clad fireplace and built-in nook. The masonry heater source is by Thermal Mass Inc. out of Dalton, NH.

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This fireplace was hand shaped and dry stacked by an artisan mason. It is 60% Frontier Sq-Rec mixed with 40% Frontier Bed Face Ledge.

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The built-in sofa is 38″ wide, while the depth of the book-case depth is 12″. The wood species is Douglas Fir. There is storage in the inglenook.

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This traditional style living room features a gas fireplace with white surround sitting area. A cozy nook with a built-in shelf above is adjacent to the fireplace.

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