25 Most Creative And Inspiring Rock Garden Landscaping Ideas

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Rock gardens are a hot trend in the gardening world, as they can infuse a modern element into any rock landscape design. 

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Whether you are looking for an easy-to-care-for landscape or you would just like to create a mini rock garden on your property, we have a fantastic collection of rock landscaping ideas for you here.

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Welsh quartz boulders define this beautiful rock garden on Bainbridge Island, Washington. 

(via Bliss Garden Design)

Dry Creek Bed

A gravel landscape path leads through a lush garden with large grey rocks defining the pathway.

(via Fifth Season Landscape Design & Construction)

Pebbled Pathway

Stacked flat rocks create a wall on one side, while multiple sizes of rocks, pebbles, and pea gravel give dimension. 

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Create A Garden Retreat

Smaller pebbles are scattered around the plants as a filler.

(via LDAW Landscape Architecture)

River Bed With Boulder Accents

Use pavers and rocks in your garden to create an inexpensive pathway in your backyard. 

(via Richard Kramer – RKL Design)

Hidden Pathway Bridge

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