25 Ways to Style Your Console Table with Spooky Halloween Décor

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Decor items such as bats, crows, spiders, candles, lanterns and pumpkins will help to create your spooky themed table.

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We have gathered together a collection of spooktacular ideas to style your console table with Halloween decorations, from scary to glamorous and everything in-between!

There are plenty of DIY ideas as well, have a look below for some fantastic inspiration.

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Style your table with pumpkins on candlesticks spelling the word “BOO”. The letters can be drawn onto real or faux pumpkins with a black felt marker.

Stylish Table Decor

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Pumpkins will set help set the tone for your console table styled with Halloween decorations.

Decorate With Pumpkins

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A DIY console table feature Halloween spooky decor. A black cauldron on the lower shelf adds a spooky feel to the space.

DIY Table

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Decorate your entryway with a mix of spooky pumpkins, goblins, ghouls and crows.

Spooky Table

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Create your own DIY trick-or-treat table.

Trick or Treat Table 

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