25 Cozy And Inviting Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Welcoming guests into your home is always a pleasure, and creating a warm and inviting bedroom for them to stay adds an extra touch of hospitality. 

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From soft bedding to thoughtful decor, we have gathered together a collection of fabulous guest bedroom decorating ideas that will ensure your guests have a comfortable and memorable stay. 

Each of the images, you will find further resource details to help you copy these spaces in your own home, along with the links to the designers.

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This cozy retreat features layered textures that are absolutely divine. 

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Layered Textures

This dreamy bedroom offers plenty of warmth thanks to wood beams on the ceiling and wood floors.

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Add Plants Or Fresh Flowers

A retreat nestled in the dunes of Kiawah Island, South Carolina features this inviting guest bedroom. 

(via Robert A.M. Stern Architects)

Give It A Reading Nook

The bed was sourced from Rose Tarlow Melrose House, while the wall sconces are from Vaughan Designs.

(via D. Stanley Dixon Architect)

A Sleeping Loft

This sweet guest room features unique roof angles, beautiful wallpaper by artist Carleigh Courey, and a cozy bed nook. 

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A Serene Color Scheme

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