23 Outdoor Garden Fountains to Add Tranquility to Your Landscape 

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Garden fountains can add a wonderful element to your landscape, creating visual interest and reducing noise pollution with the tranquil sounds of moving water. 

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Before heading out to your closest garden center to purchase a fountain or pick up a fountain kit to create your own, you may wish to consider placement.

This should create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy when you spend time outdoors. Have a look here for some fantastic ideas.

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A terracotta urn was sealed to hold up to the water use, purchased from Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach. 

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There are two separate water features in this backyard, with the intent to create the feeling of water flowing/moving throughout the site. 

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A home in Vermont has multiple water features coming out of Cor-Ten steel wall panels into a trough. 

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This is a custom-built water feature, constructed with natural ledge stone and pumps and spillways with an underground basin. 

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Recalling gold-mining flumes, this runnel-like recirculating fountain uses water from a buried cistern. 

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