21 Incredibly Creepy Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Halloween

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We have put together a collection of outdoor halloween inspiration to turn your property into a spooktacular landscape that will surely scare your trick-or-treaters.

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Halloween is a fun time of the year and a time where you can get your creative juices flowing and devise a plan to transform your yard.

If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry, we have some great ideas here, with some tips on how to put these scary scenes together.

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This “Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Pumpkin King Scarecrow” is perfect for your lawn decoration.

Pumpkin King Scarecrow

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Head to your local store that sells skeletons and fill a wheelbarrow full of leaves to place your skeleton structure in.

DIY Cemetery On Your Lawn

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This one includes seasonal flowers in a basket and a festive scarf for the occasion!

Design A Spooktacular Cemetery

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Add a fog machine to your spooky graveyard to set the tone, perfect for after dark!

Graveyard With A Spooky Ambiance

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Simple yet sinister, these DIY grim reapers were created using drop cloths from Lowe’s.

Ghost Costumes

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