21 Great Last-Minute Carved Pumpkin Ideas For A Spooky Halloween

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If you're stuck in a pumpkin-carving rut and need fresh inspiration, check out the latest trends here.

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Mix up your DIY Halloween decorations by adding one of these fun ideas into your mix. You can use them to decorate indoors or outdoors.

Underneath each of the images is a link to the creator of each of these carved pumpkin ideas where you can get further information and ideas.

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For this project, you will need pumpkins, yellow paint, a knife or pumpkin carving kit, a black sharpie, and blue, red, and white paint.

DIY Pumpkin Emojis

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Mix and match your pumpkins, one more spooky and the other more playful.

Winking Emoji Pumpkin

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If your family enjoyed “The Emoji Movie” from 2017, then you will love this pumpkin design inspired by the movie.

The Emoji Movie Pumpkins

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These fun pumpkins will add a playful touch to your front porch. Using pumpkin stencils will help you to carve out the faces.

Pumpkin Birthday Party

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This fun pumpkin features inset eyes. It requires a little extra effort in your carving skills but will be extra impressive for your trick-or-treaters.

Crazy Eyes Jack-o-Lantern

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