21 Gorgeous Contemporary Bathrooms Featured in Mountain Retreats 

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Whether you live in a mountain retreat or just want to emulate the look, we have a collection of radiant contemporary bathrooms that will inspire you to create the look.

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 Your mountain bathroom can be rustic, contemporary, modern or a combination of styles. To create this aesthetic, you need to infuse your space with lots of wood, stone, tile, copper elements. 

The finishing piece, a window capturing your amazing mountain views is a must. Have a look here for some fantastic inspiration. Enjoy!

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Located in the Big Springs community of Tahoe, California, this master bathroom comes complete with copper tub, chandelier, fireplace and waterfall.

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This luxe mountain bathroom is located in Denver, Colorado, featuring a spectacular Calacatta Gold Marble countertop that is is 3 1/2″ thick.

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This beautiful modern bathroom features a freestanding tub surrounded by picture windows that captures the mesmerizing vistas of the Rocky Mountains in Aspen, Colorado.

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Panoramic windows perfectly captures the essence of the areas snow-capped mountains and big skies.

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This beautiful Montana bathroom offers plenty of rustic charm, dressed in warm tones with exposed wooden beams and textural walls.

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