20 Most Unique Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Decorating

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Halloween is around the corner and if you have not already, it’s time to start planning how you are going to decorate your porch using one of our unique pumpkin carving ideas.

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Wherever you will be decorating in your home with pumpkins, the tradition of pumpkin carving is something that can be enjoyed as a fun family activity.

If you are not into carving a pumpkin this year, we have a few no-carve ideas as well. Have a look here and get ready to be inspired!

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These playful grouping of pumpkins are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. All you will need is a few carving sets to make this family activity.

Smiling Pumpkins

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Stacked heirloom pumpkins add visual interest. If you are not wanting to carve a pumpkin, affixing some bats to your pumpkin is a simple alternative.

Flying Bat Pumpkins

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For this fun DIY, you will need some carving skills and a few decorations to get started.

Pumpkin Family

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Greet your guests with this fresh pumpkin decorating idea. All you will need is a pumpkin with the top removed and the insides carved out.

Mini Ghost Lollipops

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To recreate this scary pumpkin, you will need strands of black electrical wire poked into the head of the pumpkin, set 180 degrees.

Frightful Pumpkin Face

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