20 Last-Minute Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Your Home

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Big or small, in shades of orange, green, or yellow, pumpkins are the perfect way to lend an autumn air to your house and celebrate the holiday season.

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These ideas that we have put together are all fun DIY’s that the whole family can partake in.

Whether you are decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving, we have some chic and stylish ideas here to help you get started with some fantastic DIY inspiration.

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For the centerpiece, purchase pumpkins of varying sizes and paint them with a gold spray. It is a simple and very easy idea.

DIY Table Centerpiece

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To make this original centerpiece, different gourds are painted in gold and combined with large candles and eucalyptus.

Centerpiece Of Golden Pumpkins

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Flowers are never in excess, even in autumn they add the finishing touch to any Halloween decoration.

Decorate With Flowers

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Adorn your favorite cake stand with stacked pumpkins (real or faux) or  even gourds. This is a simple decoration for your kitchen countertop.

Simple Touches With Pumpkins

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Adorn your table with a colorful array of pumpkins, painted in different colors for a festive touch.

A Very Pumpkin Centerpiece

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