20 Incredibly Ideas To Decorate With Flocked Christmas Trees

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Decorating your home with a Christmas tree is a festive way to celebrate the season and there are so many beautiful ways to decorate them. Trees of all sizes can adorn your home, depending on your available space.

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You can decorate your tree however you like, or leave it without any decorations, just the lights, which is a current trend. Trees can decorate any room in your home and adorn your front porch.

If you already have a flocked Christmas tree in your home, we have some ideas on how you can switch up your decor for the holidays. Have a look here for our fabulous collection!

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Beautiful Christmas Tree

The decorations on the tree can be found at Hobby Lobby, including the ribbons that have been weaved through the tree.


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Flocked In The Bedroom

Add some flocked trees into your bedroom Christmas decor a festive touch. The flocked tree in the foreground can be found at Target. 


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Joy To The World

Adorning the tree is a color scheme of red, silver and white decorations. The red and white ribbon is threaded through the tree for a pop of visual effect. 


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Plaid Tidings With Pops Of Red

Faux greenery is layered in for a natural look — garland that has been cut up! Zip ties are used to mount the wreaths onto the plantation shutters.


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Festive Front Porch

Flocked trees flank the front door, adorned with large red faux poinsettias with green stems and leaves (can be found at craft stores).


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