20+ Creative And Inspiring Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Ideas

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Embrace the farm-to-table movement by growing vegetables and herbs for use in the kitchen by creating a raised bed vegetable garden on your property.

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Most edibles will thrive in raised beds that have great drainage and warmer soil. 

Try using a fence to separate your vegetable garden from the rest of the gardens, and to keep smaller critters from eating the produce.

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An area that used to be synthetic grass putting green is now a healthy vegetable garden.

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These custom planter boxes are made out of cedar, with a non-oil-based stain on the outside so chemicals will not seep into the soil.

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This sunny courtyard features raised garden beds filled with Tulips. 

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This is a kitchen farm-to-table garden. Tomatoes and strawberries are planted in the planters. 

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These planter boxes are composed of galvanized siding, concrete corners, and bluestone caps. 

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