20+ Awesome Backyard Greenhouse Ideas For Gardening Enthusiasts

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Greenhouses create a microclimate that enables you to grow plants, herbs, and vegetables, irrespective of the elements outdoors.

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Greenhouses are a great idea if you live  in areas with heavy snow, rain, or other harsh environments. These  greenhouse design ideas help you create your very own greenhouse right  in your backyard.

Whether you’re looking for a little greenhouse or a large greenhouse, you will find greenhouse inspiration in this story.

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Potted plants and lush greenery surround this beautiful glass and steel greenhouse with a stone foundation.

Cape Cod Greenhouse

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A concrete foundation is topped with a gravel floor.

Wonderful Greenhouse Space

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This greenhouse features hanging baskets with lush vegetation and a raised bed with a water fountain.

Greenhouse With Hanging Plants

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Upper hanging shelves have grow lights to supplement natural light for year-round plant growing.

English Garden Greenhouse Shed

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This magnificent greenhouse was custom-built, offering abundant natural light for growing plants indoors.

Contemporary Greenhouse Shed

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