18 Amazing Farmhouse Home Office Ideas To Inspire Productivity 

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There is nothing like abundant natural light, a functional workspace, and a stylish light fixture to inspire you to get quality work done in your farmhouse home office. 

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A well-designed home office will help you to be more productive and reach your goals, whether it’s responding to emails, working on projects, or completing simple tasks. 

Here we have gathered together a collection of farmhouse home office ideas, each brimming with character and incredible design.

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This beautiful farmhouse-style home office in North Carolina features a layering of cowhide rugs for cozy texture.

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Dark Contrast Wall

This compact workspace features built-in shelving and narrow slots for storing files. 

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Built-In Desk Area

The floor tile is from Ceramic Technic, while the countertop is from Premier Surfaces and the cabinetry is by Bell Cabinetry and Design. 

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Office In The Laundry Room

The distressed sliding barn door closes off this modern farmhouse-style home office in Seattle. 

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A Sliding Barn Door

A Scottsdale, Arizona ranch home features this radiant home office with bookshelves, natural hues, and a pop of fuchsia. 

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Light-Filled Corner Office

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