15 Best Backyard Plunge Pool Ideas For Summertime Fun

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Make a splash this summer by incorporating a backyard plunge pool that will help you cool off without taking up too much space like a traditional swimming pool.

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Plunge pools can be tailored to fit your desired dimensions and depth, and constructed from a variety of materials. 

Get some amazing ideas here on how to add a plunge pool to your backyard.

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Incorporate natural elements such as rocks, stones, and lush greenery to craft a serene oasis in your backyard. 

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Natural Oasis

This homeowner worked with the landscape architect to design an enchanting space with a plunge pool as the focal point. 

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Pool With A Waterfall

Transform your backyard into a tropical getaway with a palm-fringed plunge pool surrounded by vibrant foliage. 

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Tropical Paradise

It is an Endless Pool with a machine since the homeowner is a swimmer. The depth is 4 feet. 

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Beach Style Escape

Make the most of limited space with a sleek and stylish plunge pool that fits seamlessly into urban settings. 

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A Compact Backyard Getaway

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