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Environmental sustainability has always been a unique topic, especially with so many homes and commercial properties aiming to be LEED certified. We delve into some really fun designs that showcase beautiful materials and clever use of sustainable elements culminating into functionality and great architecture that we can all be fascinated with. Have a look at some satisfying environmentally friendly properties that will leave you inspired to want to emulate some of the ideas featured here into your own home design, whether it be a new-build or a renovation project.

Butterfly house in the forest

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This stunning forest home is located on a steep north-facing escarpment 80 feet above Crabtree Creek in Raleigh, North Carolina. Designed by Frank Harmon Architect, the scope of the design was to construct a home that is sensitive to the site by protecting the natural habitat as much as possible. The house was perched off […]

Stunning eco-designed treehouse home

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Located in the hills of Mill Valley, California, this natural custom designed home features amazing panoramic views. The hillside house was designed by San Francisco-based SB Architects, a prestigious international firm known worldwide for the design of site-sensitive resort and mixed-use projects across the globe, and built by well-known green builder McDonald Construction & Development, […]

Angled exotic beach house on the Aussie waters

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This modern contemporary beach house has been designed by Australia’s Wright Architects is as exotic as its location, steps from the beach of Port Douglas. The only thing that rivals this picturesque property is the contemporary design of the house itself, which subtly infuses water influences into its bold concrete, steel and core-filled clay brick […]

The Costa Rican jungle house

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This spectacular villa is located in the central Pacific area of Costa Rica near the Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos. Designed by Architect Juan Robles who sought to keep balance between design and nature, for a committed and respectful interaction of the two, where architecture can stand out and blend into it’s environment. Casa MC1 […]

Vertically suspended zen gardens

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These beautiful hanging gardens suspended by thin string are a whimsical art installation type project by Fedor in Belgium. Using string, moss, grass, and bowls or a glass reservoir, various types of plants are transformed into mid air planted floating gardens that are a variation of kokedma, a Japanese botanical style. The string gardener says […]

Modern tropical bungalow design by Guz Architects

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Singapore-based Guz Architects have designed the Fish House, an eco-friendly seafront house in Singapore, showcasing seamless integration with the surrounding nature. The 5,812 square foot (540 square meters) modern tropical bungalow features interior spaces that are open to the exterior to encourage natural ventilation along with incredible views of the ocean; all of which has […]

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