26 Awesome Backyard Landscaping Ideas To Transform Your Space


Are you ready to upgrade your backyard from boring to fabulous? Get inspired to transform your outdoor space into a cozy oasis with these backyard landscaping ideas. From small tweaks to larger improvements, you can find something here to complete your own personal vision for an outdoor paradise.

Whether you want to add a little flair with seasonal decor or make a total overhaul with a pergola or fire pit, you’ll be able to find the perfect addition for your own backyard. After all, there’s nothing like being able to come home to a beautiful outdoor space after a long day. So let’s get started and give your outdoor space the upgrade it deserves with our collection of amazing backyard landscaping ideas.

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1. Woodland Garden.


A recycled plastic edging and decomposed granite path between Giant Sequoias leads to repurposed, reshaped and stained rear concrete slab. Micro-climate appropriate plants complete the woodland setting. The material on the ground outside of the path is Forest Blend mulch. The brown hue will eventually weather to gray. Mulch helps keep the soil cool and moist and reduce weeds. It helps keep the soil healthy and the side benefit is that it looks nice. Ideally replenish the mulch annually. (via Ketti Kupper Conscious Living Landscapes)

2. Get Creative With Outdoor Lighting.


The inviting fire draws you through the garden. The walkway is made of natural Pennsylvania bluestone pre-cut into rectangular shapes. The walls and fireplace are made out of Eagle Ridge Building Stone. Behind the wall are Geraniums and the shrubs are Boxwoods. The tree is a White Pine above the grill. Those are Mondo Grass in front of the wall and to the left of walkway. The small shrubs in the grasses at the bottom of the picture at Morris Dwarf Boxwoods. (via SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction)

3. Add a Water Feature.


This elegant water feature is surrounded by ornamental trees and grasses that welcome visitors to the Bellevue, Washington home. (via Environmental Construction)

4. Vertical Gardens.


Utilize vertical space by installing vertical gardens. These can be created using trellises, hanging planters, or wall-mounted containers to maximize greenery even in small areas. (via Alex Maguire Photography for Peek Architecture)

5. Edible Garden.


Cultivate your own fresh produce by incorporating raised beds or containers for growing herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your own food. (via Jonathan Raith Inc.)

6. Stone Pathways.


Lay stone pathways throughout your backyard to add a touch of elegance and guide visitors through various areas. Choose different types of stones for a visually appealing effect. This stepping stone pathway leads through a Spanish style gate and into a mossy garden with a massive 1,500 pound stone urn. (via Grace Design Associates)

7. Backyard Zen Garden Retreat.



Design a Zen garden with minimalist elements, such as gravel, rocks, and carefully placed plants. This tranquil space will provide a peaceful retreat for meditation and relaxation. This garden features a six-foot high Buddha, a 12″ high prayer bell, and a large 1,500 pound stone urn. Additionally, spectacular tree specimens were selected and carefully placed to provide a counterweight to the other objects in the garden. (via Grace Design Associates)

8. Cozy Fire Pit.


Create a cozy gathering spot by installing a fire pit. It will not only provide warmth during chilly evenings but also serve as a focal point for entertaining friends and family. This boardwalk deck was made from composite lumber. The brand is Fiberon Horizon and the color is Castle Gray. A 10″ drain pipe with 4 drain ends was installed to capture the water. Since this sunken sitting area is located uphill, the water flows out to a lower adjacent area. Otherwise you may need to install a sump pump. (via Jake Moss Designs)

9. Pergola Retreat.


Install a pergola to create a shaded retreat in your backyard. Enhance it with climbing plants, outdoor curtains, and cozy seating for a perfect spot to relax and unwind. The stacked stone columns are an “Eldorado” veneer stone product. The pavers come in a variety of earth tones available at “Cougar Stone” in Placentia, Ca. The cooking equipment is from Kalamazoo BBQ appliances, and counter systems. The woven chairs are made by Century Furniture and the collection is Denpasar designed by Richard Frinier. The awning is available from Infinity Canopy. The pergola is about 15 ft. x 30 ft. in size for the dining area. (via Mark Scott Associates | Landscape Architecture)

10. Outdoor Kitchen.


Outdoor entertaining in your backyard would be amazing with the addtion of an outoor kitchen. Install a grill, countertops, and a seating area to create a functional and inviting cooking and dining space. The pergola cover is woven willow panels from The Willow Farm. The custom concrete countertops were fabricated by Bohemian Stone Works. This outdoor kitchen comes complete with a gas grill and Western Red Cedar cabinets. (via ROCHE+ROCHE Landscape Architecture)

11. Bring the Inside Out with a Fireplace


Create an intimate space in your garden that can also act as a dividing wall for privacy from your neighbors. A mixture of stone and metal creates visual interest for this backyard fireplace. The stools can be easily moved around for guests to warm up by the fire. (via ROCHE+ROCHE Landscape Architecture)

12. Hammock Haven.


Hang a couple of hammocks between trees (or a pergola) or install a freestanding hammock stand for the ultimate relaxation spot. Swinging gently in a hammock is perfect for lazy afternoons. This Santa Ynez, California backyard oasis features beautiful wisteria (a climbing vine) blooming from the pergola. (via Bonnie Christine)

13. The Grotto Garden.


A grotto garden brings a little bit of magic to your backyard. The rock wall with flowers creates the perfect garden nook. The addition of a fire pit will add warmth and ambiance to your cozy backyard oasis. (via Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association)

14. Secret Garden Nooks.


Create hidden nooks within your backyard using hedges, trellises, or tall plants. These secluded spaces offer a sense of privacy and are perfect for reading or quiet conversations. The flowers of this cozy oasis are bougainvillia. They come in shrub or vine and in a variety of colors. (via Lisa Borgnes Giramonti)

15. Invest in a Hot Tub.


The lattice is made up of Cedar Lattice/Frame and Brass rods. It is offset from the columns and is attached to them and the pergola above at periodic spacers which is how it appears to float. The hot tub is built in. It is a premade hot tub unit with a wood surround, stairs and planter box. It is on a roof deck. (via Colin Smith Architecture)

16. Invest in a Mini Greenhouse.


Adding a greenhouse into your garden will offer you several benefits. This includes extending the growing season and protecting plants from harsh weather conditions to optimizing water retention and providing a warm, nutrient-rich environment. (via SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction)

17. Mediterranean Fantasy Garden.


At the top of these stairs is a tiny Carex (type of grass) meadow leading to a garden room that appears like an ancient ruin. The flooring features an Italian mosaic tile with plants growing through the cracks. A ceiling canopy is formed by four magnificent olive trees. A fountain, a repurposed laundry trough from a French estate, offers a soothing trickle. Stone urns mark the entrance and at night they are gas-lit for ambiance. (via Mayita Dinos Garden Design)

18. Soothing Garden Waterfall.


This project is called”White Falls”, where a tranquil waterfall flows into a pond filled with lily pads. This backyard oasis includes a large patio with a fireplace and an attached area for wood storage that ties into the fireplace and contributes to a sense of enclosure for the patio. (via SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction)

19. Create a Seating Area Out of Stone.


This custom stone bench was created using reinforced, mortared, fitted sandstone (sourced from Santa Barbara) over a poured reinforced concrete footing. The base of the table is a stack of old bricks, the plant is a variety of English ivy, the top is a piece of slate. The stone on the ground is 3/8″ Coral Sea gravel. It came from Santa Barbara Stone. The trees are Yucca elephantipes. Custom Bench Dimensions: Seat: 13″ high (19″ total w/ 6″ cushion); depth 24″ (the 3″ pillows bring it down to 21″. Seat back approx. 33-36″ high. All measurements from finished grade. (via Grace Design Associates)

20. Build A Naturalist Hot Tub.


This unique hot tub is surrounded by a patio of Oklahoma flagstone ( joint planting is Dymondia margaretae) and includes a stone fire pit and adirondack chairs. The Western Red Cedar hot tub came from Gordon and Grant Spas in Santa Barbara, CA. The tub is set on a reinforced poured concrete pad with drainage and an integral footing for a retaining wall along approx. 1/3 of the tub’s circumference. The flagstone is dry-laid over sand, which is set on individual beds of mortar and cantilevered over the retaining wall, leaving approx. 1/2″ of space between edge of flagstone and edge of tub. The flagstone where it sits over mortar is grouted. The edges of the retaining wall are hidden with stone/steps. The gravel is 3/8″ California Gold gravel from Santa Barbara Stone. (via Grace Design Associates)

21. Get Creative with Rocks and Pebbles.

water-fountain-surrounded-by river-rocks

The fountain was custom designed using repurposed stone post caps, drilled and plumbed and set over an underground reservoir; a pump recirculates the water. A few blocks set on top of a large stepping stone within the underground reservoir support the weight of the repurposed stone wall caps (largest one is approx. 30″ x 20″). Surround the fountain with various sizes of river rocks and pebbles, along with foliage. (via Grace Design Associates)

22. A Potager Style Garden.


This traditional garden in the French style contains fruits, berries, herbs, cutting, and a vegetable garden. The Tiffany Fountain and bubbler can be purchased at Classic Garden Ornaments, Ltd. – made in Pomona, Illinois. It is made of cast limestone and is very durable. This fountain was designed to recycle rainwater runoff collected in a large basin located below the fountain. It is also provides a beautiful birdbath. (via Staab and Olmsted LLC: Landscape Architecture)

23. Lush Green Retreat.


Create a lush, garden oasis by planting trees, shrubs, and colorful blooms. Incorporate a mix of textures and colors to add depth and visual interest. Add a bistro dining set for intimate dining in a secret garden. (via Amy Martin Landscape Design)

24. Create a Cottage Garden.


The flowers/plants in this backyard garden include a mix of cottage roses (floribundas), Peruvian lily, catmint, dymondia, lambs ear, lemon tree, climbing rose on arbor, succulents in pots. The hedge in the top of the photo is Pittosporum tenuifolium. (via Grace Design Associates)

25. Build a Potting Shed.


A backyard vegetable garden includes a potting shed with a pergola for lounging in the garden. The company who supplied the shed is Hillbrook Collections. (via VanderHorn Architects)

26. Outdoor Art.


Add a creative touch to your backyard garden by incorporating sculptures, metal art, canvas art, or murals. These artistic elements will serve as focal points to your space. This colorful piece of art is 6 by 8 feet. The artist used acrylic paint along with some other elements sprinkled on the canvas. It was then drizzled with epoxy resin, scraped and the resin applied again for texture. The plants in the large pots on either side of the painting are Evergreen Jasmine. The European Hornbeam trees behind the tall wall give this area lots of shade. (via Carole Meyer Art)

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