New England style beach cottage overlooking Katama Bay

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This stunning beach cottage was built by Holmes Hole Builders, located on a promontory overlooking Katama Bay in Edgartown, Massachusetts. This cozy summer vacation home was constructed for hosting large gatherings with friends and family. The exterior showcases a traditional New England vernacular, ideal for a beach house.

The interiors encompasses 2,200 square feet of living space, with expansive glass walls that blur indoor-outdoor boundaries. With a harmonious flow throughout, the color scheme reflects an earthy color palette with rustic wood beams, stone fireplaces and contemporary furnishings. An extensive use of natural materials is used throughout, giving this beach home a soothing ambiance.

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Above: The exterior facade reflects a timeless, weathered aesthetic, mixing material elements of mahogany, western red cedar, and reclaimed barn board. A series of gabled rooflines enhances the overall visual beauty of this beach house.

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What We Love: This charming beach cottage offers a warm and inviting feeling thanks to its use of natural materials throughout. This is an ideal vacation retreat with its spacious outdoor living areas, in-law suite and terrace to enjoy morning breakfasts. Nestled along the coast, the fresh ocean breezes can be captured through the home’s expansive windows. We are especially crushing on the casually designed living room with it’s picture perfect views.

Readers, please share with us your opinions on the design of this home. Would this be your ideal summer vacation retreat? Why or why not, let us know in the comments below, we love your feedback!

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Photos: Courtesy of Holmes Hole Builders

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