A stylish multifunctional loft on the Mediterranean shores

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On the shores of the Mediterranean, in the fishing village of Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca, Spain is this multifunctional loft space designed by architect Christine Leja. The home was created in true New York style, with an open plan layout featuring steel beams, soaring ceilings and high attention to detail. The client was very sophisticated and demanding, residing in Hong Kong, the plan was to eventually move to the Balearic Islands to find a multi-functional home to both live and work from. The original home was very non-functional, with long hallways and small rooms, which presented itself as an exciting challenge to the architect. The starting point of this project was to tear down walls and create a fresh layout. What the architect discovered in the rubble was an old sailboat mast— which became the focal point of the loft— and an increase in ceiling height of just over five meters. The new housing consists of 1,722 square feet (160 square meters) of living space which was re-distributed into a brand new, more functional layout.

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The living room, dining room and kitchen are open to each other, creating an easy flow from one space to the next. Additionally, the under-utilized ceiling space from having false ceilings prior to the renovation is now used as a loft space for one of the bedrooms (two are located on the downstairs level), which is open to the living room and is accessible by way of a ladder. The end result of this comprehensive reform is a multi-functional home that is bright and airy, featuring stylish New York touches.

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The new loft enjoys plenty of natural light thanks to the light filtering in through windows in the living area, the most spacious room of the house. The wood trim around the windows and doors have been painted gray and in combination with the steel pillars, adds an air of industrialness. The wood coffee table in the center of the furniture arrangement combines to perfection with the white that seems to dominate the living space.

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What We Love: The super cool mezzanine space on a steel frame that houses a bedroom and a cozy seating area above the kitchen and overlooking the living room. It makes this space very original and fun, a great space for those that love the look of a New York City loft! What are your thoughts, do you like what the architect did with the renovation of this home?

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Photos: Mi Casa

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