Carpentry mill converted to magnificent industrial loft in London

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This industrial loft started its humble beginnings as an old carpentry mill, a daring and successfully designed home carried out by architects Studio Mackereth, in one of the most fascinating areas of London, Little Venice. Amongst historical architecture marked by the English tradition, this 3,552 square feet (330 square meters) house is an oasis of art, consisting of glass and steel. The structure itself is in pure industrial style, which can attest to its roots. Its history began as an abandoned warehouse, and prior to that, a woodworking company that made furniture. The exterior and interior of the structure reflects and enhances the industrial aesthetic. Inside, you will find preserved elements such as steel beams, engineering lathes, pulleys, cables and oxidized finishes. The interiors are characterized by modern, open spaces underpinned by the latest in technologies, such as glass roofs driven by automatic mechanisms or expansive pivoting walls. Private areas are more intimate, with an English comfort, such as the master bedroom with its period fireplace, wooden walls… while the bathroom is suspended from a glazed attic!

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The interiors feature a complete freedom of style, mixing vintage furnishings from the 50s and 70s with modern design. Handmade pieces create a formidable ally with elements of sculptural forms and exquisite details, making this fabulous home quite unique. Soaring ceilings, light-flooded interiors and canvas walls that serve to unlimited creativity completes the aesthetic of this incredible conversion.

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What We Love: The rollup door is super cool in this industrial warehouse loft… as is the soaring ceilings and skylights that makes this home luminous. There are a lot of unique features and preserved details in this property, we love the mix of old and new, it is very aesthetically pleasing. One more notable detail is the way the master bathroom cantilevers over the bed, pretty cool! What do you think? What do you like best about this home? Please let us know in the comments section below, as always, we love to read your feedback!

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Photos: Richard Powers

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