Stunning German loft features earthy tones with pops of color


Two generic office floors were converted into an incredible residential loft space by identity architecture studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, located in Esslingen, Germany. The site was once an army barracks and was later transitioned into a residential complex due to its desirable hillside location. A loft space became available after an agency moved out form a two-story structure. A family of four discovered this desirable building and decided to give the space a new life, reforming it into their new home. The residence is comprised of 4,305 square feet (400 square meters) of open plan, spacious interiors. The main level is centered around the dining area, with a sleek, open plan kitchen lying adjacent to it. A bank of kitchen cabinets shelters the children’s living space, allowing for an open and fluid floor plan. A long corridor leads to three children’s bedrooms. The living area features a sculptural, wood-buring fireplace that is suspended from the ceiling, while a floor-to-ceiling niche next to a mirrored wall offers stacked firewood. The interior design scheme reflects warm, natural materials and color, encompassing oak parquet flooring in a dark stain and earthy hues on the walls and drapery treatments as well as shimmery gold surfaces.


On the second level you will find the parents living quarters, which is comprised of a bedroom, bathroom and a separate study. The homeowners requested that no natural light would penetrate the bedroom area, so the bedroom was cleverly concealed by house-in-house construction. Doors close off the space which is only illuminated by artificial light, while a curtained hallway leads to a skylight and windows.

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What We Love: This is a great example of a successful conversion project, keeping a delightful balance between cold/modern and warm/rustic elements.


Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-004-1 Kindesign




Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-008-1 Kindesign

Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-007-1 Kindesign

Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-08-1 Kindesign

Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-21-1 Kindesign

Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-09-1 Kindesign

Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-009-1 Kindesign




Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-22-1 Kindesign


The master bedroom features an intriguing design concept, with no windows punctuating the walls and only artificial light illuminating the space. A peacock blue highlights the ceiling and back wall, while a large gray circle, simulating a large moon, adds contrast.




Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-23-1 Kindesign





Photos: Courtesy of Ippolito Fleitz Group

Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-24-1 Kindesign

Loft Conversion-Ippolito Fleitz Group-25-1 Kindesign

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