Muskoka cottage retreat gets a beach style makeover

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A small, dilapidated cottage gets transformed by Nest Design Studio into a beautiful beach style home on a 20-acre property in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Another perk to this rescued 1,000 square foot, cedar clad home, is the 1,000 feet of private waterfront that the family of five gets to enjoy all summer long. This was not your typical Muskoka cottage, the space was designed to be lighter and airy, with a beach house aesthetic. The homeowners have busy schedules, so they wanted a place that they could escape from the city life and truly relax. The home was transformed from being described as a “total dive” to what can now only be described as breathtaking! With soaring ceilings and five bedrooms to accommodate every family member plus a guest room, this home fits perfectly with the family’s lifestyle.

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What We Love: The light-filled living room with soaring ceilings has been beautifully designed and feels very warm and cozy. The natural elements incorporated into the design scheme makes the home feel vey welcoming… but we would want to stay here all year, as this place is very charming!

Muskoka is a beautiful area that city dwellers flock to during the warm summer months, known as “cottage country”. There are many beautiful cottages in this area and we have featured several of them here on 1 Kindesign. If you are inspired by this type of design, take a look below for some other wonderful home tours:

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This kitchen features crisp white custom cabinetry with a white subway tile backsplash…simple, yet at the same time grand. The island has a nice contrast to the surrounding white cabinetry, featuring a warm hued wood and white marble countertop. Playful kitchen accessories have been infused into the mix, such as vintage letters for an added touch of whimsy. Glass pendant light fixtures hang over the kitchen island, referencing sea glass.

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Muskoka Beach Cottage-Nest Design Studio-05-1 Kindesign

The bar area features an upper cabinet that is made to look weathered, contrasting nicely with the surrounding white cabinetry. Modern conveniences boast built in wine rack and a small wine chiller, perfect for entertaining.


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The dining table offers plenty of seating for family and guests with woven chairs incorporated into the mix to reflect the beachy style that the homeowners wanted to portray in their cottage retreat.

Muskoka Beach Cottage-Nest Design Studio-11-1 Kindesign

Muskoka Beach Cottage-Nest Design Studio-12-1 Kindesign

This bunk bed room is the fifth bedroom to accommodate future grandchildren, sleeping up to six comfortably.

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Muskoka Beach Cottage-Nest Design Studio-14-1 Kindesign

This bedroom features more refined pieces to lend an air of sophistication to this beachy style cottage.

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The master bedroom en-suite was designed in a more refined, sophisticated style that does feel like a cottage bathroom. Elegant textiles, decor and lighting have been added for stylish touches. Soft shades of gray creates a cozy aesthetic that is perfect for a bathroom atmosphere.

Muskoka Beach Cottage-Nest Design Studio-16-1 Kindesign

Photos: Courtesy of Nest Design Studio


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