A monochromatic color scheme shines in a Vancouver condo

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A brand new contemporary condo was infused with character and comfort by design studio Shift Interiors, located in the community of Olympic Village, Vancouver, British Columbia. The condo is sited in a prime waterfront location, in the posh building of Village on False Creek. The homeowners are a successful young couple who were expecting their first child, they wanted a clean-lined, modern space with multi-functional design. The design concept for the new home carried three important criteria to meet the client’s lifestyle. It needed to be a relaxing and comfortable environment to come back to after doing cross country work trips. It would need to be entertainment ready at a moment’s notice and most importantly, safe for a newborn. The design team created a solution that would meet all of these needs, with custom designed multi-functional storage and carefully selected furnishings. A soft and refined monochromatic color palette can be seen throughout the interiors, infused with elements of nature. A material palette of wood, concrete and marble completes the design scheme, decorated with plants to bring the outside in. Walls dressed in white makes the space feel light and airy, while hints of gray accentuates some of the walls for visual stimulation. The finished result is a wonderfully decorated space that is perfect for both relaxation or a memorable evening with friends.

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What We Love: The Scandinavian influences seen throughout the interior of this condo makes it very relaxing and inviting. The home is very well organized and tidy, making this the perfect welcome home after a long day of work! The gallery wall in the hallway leading to the bedrooms is also a nice touch… what do you think, what do you like most about this home tour?

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Photos: Tracey Ayton Photography



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