Balancing relaxation and luxury: Cabo San Lucas beach home

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A mix of earth tones and Moroccan-inspired notes defines this luxury holiday home by decorator Sandra Espinet, on a privileged enclave of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With unparalleled views out to the Pacific Ocean, this property built 15 years ago was in need of a complete overhaul. The clients are a family consisting of parents, children and grandchildren, so spaces needed to be designed for entertaining, relaxation and comfort and above all, areas for privacy. All areas of the home are accessible and usable by all, being adjacent to a beach anticipates continuous flow from indoors and out. It was important for the homeowners to integrate the views and fresh ocean breezes into the house. The majority of the spaces overlook the beach and all of them capture the serenity and pleasure of the sea. The decoration portion of the project was very comprehensive, with the interiors being completely overhauled. The kitchen was expanded to cater to the lifestyle of the clients, a new bedroom was added and the bathroom were renovated, with all finishes and woodwork updated. The original foundation and structure were still in great shape, so they were preserved.

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The combination of old and new is clear throughout the interior, which applies to the fabrics, colors and materials. The earth tones of the area come together with Moroccan inspiration to get very personal scenarios. Floor to ceiling windows not only floods the interiors with natural light, it provides the tenants with spectacular vistas of the ocean.

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The talented interior designer Sandra Espinet is responsible for the amazing transformation of this house in Mexico.

Photos: Nuevo Estilo



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