Charming and timeless details in an Arizona vacation home

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Arcadia Residence is a beautiful Mediterranean style vacation home for a couple with university aged kids, designed by Wiseman & Gale Interiors in Scottsdale, Arizona. This spacious home is comprised of 5,600 square feet (520 square meters) of living space with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. The designers wanted the home to personify a Northern California Mediterranean home, with lots of light and bright hues throughout. Most of the interiors were gutted to achieve a harmonious flow from one space to the next. The living room was originally a breakfast room prior to the remodel, now its a place for the homeowners to relax and unwind first thing in the morning to read a newspaper or hang out with a laptop or even enjoy a bowl of cereal. Bright and airy, this is the homeowner’s favorite room in the house to enjoy a cup of coffee. The color palette displayed in this room is a concurrent theme that travels through the entire home, with hues of blue, orange, red and white. The whites have more of a gray base and the blues are more of an indigo. Through the furnishings, finishes and materials, the designers wanted to make the interiors feel like the house had evolved over time, even though it was collected all at once. By mixing prints, it creates the illusion that that’s how it all came together.

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Another design trick that was used to create a timeless appeal involved layering details, such as the decorative corbels affixed the the island countertop, the sumptuous hood over the range and the lantern-like pendant lights hanging over the island. The blue and orange tiles on the backsplash compliment the deep blue of the island and inviting bar stools of orange and coral.

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Several of the doors and windows throughout the home were replaced with metal, factory-like panes to create a more dramatic statement. The other windows had their frames painted black in keeping with the style and mood the designer’s were aiming to create. Even the chandeliers were re-painted to pick up the vibrant hues from the fabrics.

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The dining room is part of the open concept living room, with a beautiful wood table that ends with a small bench style seat to allow for more people to sit at the table.

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Walking through the master bedroom and into the en-suite bathroom allows the homeowners to be welcomed by a showstopping focal point, a gorgeous pewter bathtub featuring an elegant tile wall as a backdrop.

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This guest room is also the couple’s son’s room when he is visiting from college.

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The daughter’s bedroom is full of vibrance to match her personality and sliding barn style doors in a beautiful shade of blue that leads into a private bathroom.

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Prior to the remodel, the home was very neutral and beige, now it is brimming with colorful accents both inside and out, giving off a playful, vibrant personality…a perfect vacation getaway! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Photos: Courtesy of Wiseman & Gale Interiors



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