Stunning rocky shore summer cottage on Boston Harbor

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This once a dilapidated summer cottage was transformed into a beautiful home by VIF Studio, located along the rocky shores of Boston Harbor in Massachusetts. The exterior facade has been re-clad in hand-cut fieldstone which helps create a natural extension of the rocky shores that the home is nestled against. The two-story structure takes advantage of its priveledged hillside location, soaking in dramatic 180-degree views of the harbor and skyline. The home takes on the form of a lighthouse with a tower that has high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. With contemporary roof forms, historic New England heritage is “balanced with modern massing, yet recalled.” Blurring the lines between indoors and out, one feels apart of the rugged terrain. The interiors showcases modern, clean lines, wooden flooring and unparalleled views. The spaces feel very intimate, creating the perfect guest house retreat. In the great room, the fieldstone from the exterior is wrapped into the interior, and a beautiful window wall spills out onto the exterior deck beyond. A powder room showcases a private accessible outdoor shower, creating a relaxed atmosphere. On this same estate is another guest cottage that shares an intimate garden tucked behind a retaining wall and a Manor House farther up the hill.

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“The cottage was configured to provide complete networkability and remote monitoring and control of all home systems. Additionally, materials and fixtures were selected to balance luxury, usability, and durability for visiting families and their young children.”

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Photos: Bob O’Connor Photography

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