Vibrant colored Nordic style pad transformed in Murcia, Spain

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This vibrant colored Nordic style home received a completed overhaul by interiors studio La Casa Sueca, located in Murcia, a city in south-eastern Spain. Re-designed for a young couple, the home originally offered a complex distribution of spaces. The starting point was a complete reorganization of spaces, the living room was opened up and an old bedroom has transformed into a kitchen. The public areas now share a large space surrounded by terraces that can either join or separate the spaces by way of an iron and glass enclosure. Plenty of attention was given to flooring selection and wall finishes. Cozy furniture arrangements in the living room feature bold punches of lime green and turquoise, with the lime green being carried over onto the ceiling and and upper wall socket. The lime hue combined with the rough gray wall finish is not short of spectacular. The flooring features a beautiful gray and white patterned tile that travels throughout the entire home.

Nordic Style Home-02-1 Kindesign

Nordic style furnishings and textiles features bold prints and colors, bringing nuances into the spaces. Natural woods in the furnishings and the presence of gray, white and yellow in textiles and linens creates a warm and inviting living environment. Beautiful accessories and ornamental features to customize each space results in creating an ambiance that is young, dynamic and super comfortable and appealing.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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