Home by design: Arrange your furniture perfectly for any room

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Like a piece of art, a well-decorated and designed room necessitates time, attention, and good planning. Arrange your furniture perfectly for all rooms of your house by minding the following decor tips and tricks.

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Use a Tape Measure

No matter what your preference, tendency for less or more, or ability to keep rotating designs and furniture implements, include a tape measure in the process. Measure dimensions of the room, which makes it easier to envision a finished space when buying your sofa, loveseat, chairs, dining tables, etc. Measure twice and buy once. Using a tape measure ensures there are no blunders when it comes to crowding, room flow, and getting pieces in and out of door frames and front doorways.

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Match but Don’t Forget to Mix

You’ll may want to match colors, shapes, and numbers of chairs, yet don’t forget to mix the decor for design effect. For example, create asymmetrical lines with molding, candles, and pictures hanging on the wall. In addition to asymmetry, designers add depth, space, and light. Matching furniture works well amid a small room, yet a larger room affords the opportunity for contrast.

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Deconstruct to Add More

 Even small rooms can be broken down to serve various functions.  For example, a studio apartment has no walls, yet a crafty designer can deconstruct the space to host several areas devoted toward dining, entertaining, sleeping, and preparing food.  Deconstruct the space to add more opportunity.  It means smaller dimensions, yet furniture and design elements may serve several purposes (A futon couch seats guests and serves as a sleeping surface.)

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Consider the Function

 Consider the function of each piece of decor in addition to your preference for its color, design, or brand label. A fine, leather couch may look great yet serve no purpose in a room reserved for dining. Consider the function of each piece, and don’t forget ‘more is less.’  Furthermore, as mentioned, consider using one piece for several purposes. For example, a large desk may be used as a workspace during the day and double as a dining surface during evening hours. Ornate and attractive is charming yet purchase pieces based on ability to serve practical purposes.

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Focus on the Big Five

Focus on the big five furniture elements and reserve the most style and amount of investment for those items. Contemporary sofas, window treatments, rugs, side chairs, and coffee tables are considered the ‘big five’ and require unity and the most planning regarding style and unity. Take your time in purchasing each respective piece until the ‘set’ is assembled.

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Know Your Palettes

 You don’t have to study palettes as closely as a professional artist, yet reserving two main colors and one to serve as an accent creates limited yet diverse design possibilities. Furniture upholstery, flowers, books, rugs, and decorative accessories provide opportunity to feature one’s chosen palette of colors.  Don’t forget – little things count. Every flower, wreath, and piece of ribbon makes a decorative impression.

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Create a Visual

Designers understand how to create visuals throughout a room. Encourage the visitor’s eye to float throughout the space and notice a number of visual and inviting elements, with each having a different effect. Designers reserve nicknames or industry references for particular room elements.  For example, the ‘inviter’ is a dramatic and major element in the room – such as a bearskin rug. ‘Eye lifters’ tempt the eyes to look up and make visitors appreciate the upper third of the room.

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Store and Save Space

Particular elements are great for adding space. For example, shelving, bookcases, and large storage chests don’t overcrowd a room yet invite opportunity for immediate and long-term storage of blankets, trinkets, and design elements. In addition to adding or subtracting implements, or limiting those resting on the floor, add space to a room with natural and artificial light. Consider length and fabric material when choosing window covers and drapery. Heavy fabric and dark colors appear elegant yet may take light from a space, making it appear smaller and possibly cramped.

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Consider the Future

 Consider the future when investing funds and energy into furniture implements and a grand redesign. Seasons change as well as styles. Additionally, you may want to wait and save money to buy high-end elements you really want versus making a decision based on those you can afford right now. Don’t make rash decisions and consider the future when designing any space. Even if you have to arrange the room in small steps, like a work in progress, it’s better than settling on a design that you don’t want.

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Designing and redesigning any room is easy when considering the room’s dimensions, function of purchased furniture, and effect of chosen color palette.

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Note: This guest post was contributed by Firdaus Nagree who has been involved in contemporary furniture and interior design since the age of 12. fci is a family business, set up by his father in 1970, which he took over in 2003. Firdaus is passionate about the process that takes a blank or mediocre space and transforms it into something completely different and more valuable. Working with some of the sexiest international contemporary furniture brands, Firdaus & fci are well known in the UK for being one of the most important design boutiques for residential and commercial projects.

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