Victorian renovation evoking traditional warmth in California

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This stunning 1890s Victorian renovation project was historically preserved by Ken Linsteadt Architects, located in Larkspur, a city in Marin County, California. The architects wished to respect and preserve the history of this old traditional style home, which called for a series of skillful moves both inside and out.

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Due to its historic designation in Larkspur, the front façade of the house couldn’t be touched, but a top to bottom renovation inside not only captured new space for the children’s bedrooms and master suite from the unfinished basement and attic but also created an expansive living area on the main floor, which now flows seamlessly from the house out to the pool terrace and garden.

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Painted white boards on the walls, salvaged oak floors, and a mix of contemporary and antique light fixtures tread a refreshing line between traditional and modern.

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Ken Linsteadt Architects is known for creating beautiful spaces that reflect the context and spirit of the site, the dreams of the client, and the artistic overlay and passion of the architects. The firm infuses its design with the principles of form, harmony, and proportion found in the language of modern and classical architecture, often exploring the interplay between the two.

Photos: Courtesy of Ken Linsteadt Architects



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