Magnificent views envelop the Ellis Residence in Laguna Beach

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Ellis Residence is a new single family home designed in a warm contemporary style in 2014 by McClean Design, located in Laguna Beach, California. The clients wished to move to a smaller home with low maintenance since their children had moved out. They selected a street to street lot nestled high on a hill overlooking Laguna Beach and its famous beaches. The beauty of this sensational 3,500 square foot property is that views are available from all levels. The main issue to the design of this structure was where to situate the parking and the entryway to the home. When submitting the project to the local review board, the decision was made to create a split solution, which would allow the parking to be at street level and the main entryway for visitors would be from above. The garage can be accessed from either an elevator or a staircase, so that the house will function well for the owners was they grow older.

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This stunning open plan concept of living room and dining room with the kitchen just beyond functions very well for the homeowners. Floor to ceiling glass paneling opens the whole wall up on one side of the living area to bring in fresh breezes off the ocean and to take in the jaw-dropping ocean views.

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Since the garage had been taken away from the upper street level, the architects designed a beautiful garden for the owners to enjoy while cooking and entertaining. The entryway can be reached from steps that flows over a tranquil water feature, where a grand view is showcased. The couple mainly lives on the upper level that features the main living spaces and also houses the master bedroom retreat. On the lower level you will find guest room, an office and storage space.

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Photos: Jim Bartsch Photographer



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